Data Custody Technology for the Privacy Age

We are a data privacy lab pioneering Data Custody Technology that eliminates a data custodian’s risks against data breaches, prevents unauthorized misuse of data, and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

Data Privacy Risks 

Today’s Databases Were Not Built for a Distributed World

Historically, database and storage solutions were designed to hold data securely in a single place. As data is increasingly transmitted across systems, these legacy solutions are incapable of protecting data the way companies use it today; sharing and replicating data across multiple on-premise and cloud environments, digital platforms, and third-party applications.

Centralized Data

Databases were designed to custody data inside a secure perimeter 

Distributed Data

Today, data custody needs to be transferred outside of the perimeter, making data vulnerable and putting privacy at risk

Recent Privacy Breaches and Penalties

Today’s Databases Constantly Fail to Protect Our Data Privacy

$5B fine (USA)

87,000,000 records

$700M fine (USA)

145,000,000 records

$230M fine (UK)

500,000 records

$123M fine (UK)

500,000,000 records

100,000,000 records

92,000,000 records

150,000,000 records

885,000,000 records

Privacy Regulation Compliance Challenges

Regulators Are Creating New Rules that Existing Databases Can Not Support


No Integrated Solutions Exist

Fragmented Solutions Create Developer and Operational Complexity

Causes of data breaches and misuse

  • Application bugs

  • Server and firewall mis-configurations

  • Zero day system exploits

  • Encryption-only for data at-rest

  • Unauthorized access or usage

  • Data custody rules not enforced


Multiple solutions to protect privacy

  • Database management

  • Privacy monitoring

  • Information security

  • Regulation compliance

  • In-house ad-hoc solutions

Data Custody Technology

The Ultimate Data Privacy Solution




Phorm's patented Data Custody Technology binds data custody rules to the data itself, and uses blockchain smart contracts to consistently enforce the custody rules at the access endpoint, guaranteeing privacy and security anywhere the data flows. 

Virtual Database

Secure query algorithms run at low latency in the endpoint where data is accessed, keeping queries and data private from untrusted intermediaries.

End-to-end Encryption

Encryption guaranteed at the point of data creation, so only intended custodians of the data can see or access data, eliminating centralized data breaches.

Data Custody Protocol

Execute complex, fine-grained, context-based policy decisions, recording all data access activity to a blockchain to provide an immutable and transparent audit trail.

Deep Policy Enforcement

Integrated blockchain enables real-time enforcement of custody rules on multiple control planes; Data Flow, Data Link and Data Store.

Datablock Architecture

Application data, custody rules, and system metadata are stored in immutable, highly-compressed, and encrypted chunks; providing high performance, security, and consistency.

Identity-based Access

Data is always confidential and can only be decrypted by authenticated users, preserving privacy through the entire lifecycle.

How It Works

Phorm Vastly Reduces Data Custody Risks When Transferring Data Across Boundaries


Data Custody Rules

Enforce Custody Policy at the Point of Access Across Every Application

Every data access operation executes its related custody policy; a set of rules that allow dynamic handling of complex context-based logic. Rules cover business specific needs, corporate governance policies, and regulatory rules. The policy engine provides consistency, visibility, and audit-ability.

Phorm Policy Engine


John Price

Chairman of the Board

Over 20 years in product marketing and business development in high-growth startups. Expert in sales and marketing for AI and big data solutions to Global 1000. Currently CEO at Previously co-founder of Trilogy. BS, Computer Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Gordon Mattey

CEO, Co-founder

 20 years of product and engineering leadership for developer middleware and large-scale data-driven consumer apps. Consistently recruited for innovation-led roles in startups and established companies, most recently VP Mobile Product at Ticketmaster and Senior Director Video Product at Yahoo-Tumblr. Founded one startup as CTO, and joined two startups as head of product/engineering. BSc, Business Information Systems (First Class Honours) from the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Graham Sanderson

CTO, Co-founder

30+ years full-stack engineering of cutting edge enterprise software, with wide expertise in distributed systems, concurrency, optimization, compression, performance and system level programming.  Most recently CTO at VAST (Big Data/AI), and senior engineering roles at IBM, Lombardi (acquired by IBM) and Trilogy. MA, Electrical Engineering and Information Science from th University of Cambridge, UK.

Ryan Berckmans

Director of Engineering

Engineering leader with full-stack capability and over 7 years of startup and growth stage experience. Co-founder and CEO of Predictions Global (acquired by Veil January 2019).   Previously senior engineer at Augur, Bread Finance, and Haystack IQ. Started his engineering career at Amazon. BSc, Computer Science (Honors) from the University of Waterloo, Canada.



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